Be That Friend

Be That Friend is a student-led positive social norms campaign that encourages and empowers students to provide support for and recommend resources to peers who may have experienced gender-based violence. The year-long campaign involves mass materials distribution, social media messaging, peer-to-peer conversations, interdepartmental events, skill-building workshops, and student surveys.

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Students who experience sexual violence are most likely to turn to a friend for help. If we want to create a culture of safety and care at UNC, we need to empower all UNC students to Be That Friend who can help their peers in times of crisis.

In this 90-minute workshop, participants will learn how to...

  • Provide support to friends who have experienced traumatic events.
  • Speak out to prevent violence from occurring.
  • Connect friends with campus and community support resources.

Be That Friend is ideal for student clubs, athletic teams, residence halls, fraternities and sororities, or any other social organization on campus. Request a Be That Friend workshop using our VPAS Training Request Form!

This is the first sexual assault prevention and bystander intervention training where I, along with my dance team, have felt comfortable. It was led with such understanding and sensitivity that many felt safe participating and sharing their experiences. We collectively left the training feeling informed and educated. I would absolutely recommend this training to others.

Amber, UNC Chalkaa
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